AIK & NAIK Banks Complete Legal and Technical Merger Supported by ASEE

AIK Banka and ASEE successfully completed the legal and technical merger of AIK Banka and Naša AIK Banka in Serbia.

AIK Banka engaged ASEE in the project of a specific merger of two banks, where the legal aspect of the merger occurred 2.5 months before the technical merger. The process involved consolidating complete regulatory reporting for the National Bank of Serbia and the Agency for Deposit Insurance, while 2 banks’ core systems continued to operate separately until the technical merge.

Through this implementation, the client was equipped with a high-quality data source for creating consolidated regulatory reports using ASEE Tezauri DWH Regulatory Reporting solution that is automated, reliable, and easy to use on a daily level. Additionally, at the client’s request, report consolidation was implemented to enable smooth reporting process after the legal merger. As a result of both team’s efforts, successful migration was achieved, as well as support for all target product portfolios.

Despite tight deadlines and differences in mode of operations and product portfolios of the two banks, both teams adjusted their procedures and workloads to ensure the project’s success.


Bojan Pavlović, Group Head of IT & Digital:

“Immense motivation, dedication, and team work are the reasons why this projects was successful. We managed to reach our goal as planned with the stability and reliability of all implemented solutions and services.

The deadline set at the very beginning was ambitious due to the fact that it had to correlate with the dates which would bring the least discomfort for the clients, which was a number one priority.

I am very proud of the teams which were involved in this project, since it is their merit that such a complex project was done in such a short time, without jeopardizing the quality of service and customer satisfaction.” 


Published On: March 24th, 20231.5 min read


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